Providing safe, reliable, caring, and cost-effective transportation needs for students and schools.

Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania

We take pride in our 

What can you expect from KTS Transit?

Safe & reliable transportation needs to & from school

Drivers who are kind, compassionate and obey all traffic laws

Drivers who have completed the required background checks as required by State and Federal entities

Drivers who maintain clean & reliable vehicles for your child’s transportation needs

Ensuring your child’s safety when entering & exiting vehicle

Highly responsive customer service

Our Story

My name is Heather Wynnik, and I started a woman owned business in Southwestern Pennsylvania that provides a convenient, safe and reliable transportation service for school students and their parents.

I care about the families that I serve and build effective, quality relationships with the parents of the students that use our services.  Parents can rest assured, knowing that their children will have reliable and timely transportation services each day.

What can you expect from KTS Transit?

KTS Transit LLC specializes in safe, cost-effective and dependable transportation that focuses on the well-being and safe delivery of each student.

Our drivers are fully trained and credentialed, including all the State and Federal requirements, and are trained on Child Abuse Recognition.

KTS Transit LLC drivers will communicate effectively with the students during their transportation run and also with the parents regarding any special needs of the student.  We want each child to experience a transportation service that provides a comfortable and safe environment. Our drivers are professional, patient and positive. They communicate in a compassionate and empathetic way to focus on the student’s needs to make them feel safe while traveling to and from school each day.

Schools can trust that KTS Transit LLC will provide safe and cost-effective services that allow their students to have coordinated transportation needs met with the highest regard.

About Us

During my time providing school transportation, I recognized a real need for quality services so KTS Transit LLC was born and established in 2023.  KTS Transit LLC will continue to service safe, effective and reliable transportation needs for schools, students and parents.

First and foremost, KTS Transit LLC values the SAFETY and CARE of each child to and from their schooling programs and summer camps.

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“Heather was both personable and professional.  She was my son’s favorite driver”

— Julie B.

KTS Transit

Providing safe, reliable, caring, and cost-effective transportation needs for students and schools around Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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